The company, founded by Sven Arthur Peterson in 1938
was originally located in Tewksbury, Mass., and was
primarily a Carnation growing operation. A few years later
the business expanded with new greenhouses in Lexington,
Massachusetts. The company was renown for its
carnations and introduced many new varieties including its
signature carnation the S. Arthur Sim variety, commonly
known as the peppermint carnation. Sven was president of
the New England Carnation Grower's Association and won
many awards for his propagation on new carnation
varieties. In 1954 Sven and his son Paul Peterson
expanded the company again in Delray Beach, Florida
where 15 acres of greenhouses were constructed.
Carnations, as well as potted mums, foliage hanging
baskets and vegetable seedlings were produced. By 1997
S. Arthur Peterson, Inc. had evolved into a floral bouquet
manufacturer and supplier of fresh cut flowers to the trade.
In 2004 the company moved to its current location in Boca
Raton, FL and now produces the freshest, most beautiful
bouquets and arrangements around. We also supply over
60 floral shops in the Southeast Florida area with fresh cut
flowers and greens on our refrigerated bucket trucks. The
company is still managed by the Peterson family, as cut
flowers are in our blood.

S. Arthur Peterson, Inc. imports fresh cut flowers from
South and Central America as well
as Europe and carefully
crafts them into the freshest floral bouquets and
arrangements. All bouquets are hand made in our
warehouse located in Boca Raton, Florida by our
dedicated crew who have many years of experience behind
them. The quality of our bouquets and arrangements in
both design and freshness will be immediately evident.

We also serve the local florist industry with our refrigerated
bucket trucks. From Ft. Lauderdale to Stuart our expert
sales associates provide bulk flowers to Florist Shops,
Wedding & Event Planners, Country Clubs, Restaurants
and others.

We are a family run company where the owners are
constantly overseeing all facets of the business including
production and customer service. Call and talk to one of
the Petersons directly.

Please call
1-800-ASK-MUMS if we may be of service to
S. Arthur Peterson, Inc.
Fresh Cut Flowers and Bouquets to the Trade
1243 Clint Moore Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33487